Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Drawing Board Sticker


Sticker Papan Hitam Vinyl. 
Sticker boleh di tampal di dinding rumah/bilik/dapur/pintu 
Sesuai untuk pembelajaran anak-anak dan dekorasi rumah. 

Sticker Papan Hitam
Sangat mudah dipasang & dibersihkan selepas digunakan ^_.

Di belakang sticker ada grid line sbg panduan jika anda hendak potong mengikut size yg dikehendaki. 
Size : 45cm x 200cm untuk 1 roll.
Material : highquality Vinyl.

Ianya boleh ditampal 
1.Dinding rumah (pastikan permukaan licin ya, jika mengerutu x sesuai)
2.Kaca Sliding Door.
3. Diding dapur(ceramic)
4. Pintu rumah
6.Lekat di pintu almari
& tempat2 yg dirasakan sesuai (permukaan rata)

1 roll sticker vinyl papan hitam 45cm x 200cm
5 Batang Kapur tulis pelbagai warna.



self adhesive Whiteboard sticker 
Function: Education Stationery 

Professional Self Adhesive Whiteboard sticker 45x200cm

Non-toxic PVC film through EN71-3 the authentication, non-toxic ink UV printing, transferable no residue oil glue not in metope thick soles leave glue, paper; 
Through the euramerican safety standards (heavy metals can transfer and its content) detection; Accord with international children's safety standards (non-toxic 
test); But repeated use, easy cleaning is wiped; Easy to paste, lasting and firm, remove without traces.

The shape you can DIY by yourself,like an animal,schedule etc.

Color White 
Material :Non-toxic PVC
Size : 45*200cm (L*W)
Thickness 0.1mm
How to use:
1. Clean and dry surface to make sure that the surface must be flat and there is no any carve;
2. Take out the image from the backing paper;
3. Apply to the surface as the picture shows;
4. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

It is made of high quality PVC,removable and never harm your wall !

- Some wall paints are designed to resist stickers.
- It`s recommended to clean the wall leaving no dust and dirt before applying the stickers onto your wall
- We strongly suggest having 2 persons to apply the stickers
- Please don't use it on freshly painted walls
- As you`re applying the sticker, use a towel to wipe & squeeze bubbles underneath the stickers
- The texture of the wall sticker is smooth (not like a rough surface like normal classroom blackboard!)
- The chalk on the board is best to be wipe off by a damp cleaning cloth, write when board is dry



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